PETA Campaign: Animal Testing Breaking Hearts Petition Powered By Silverlight

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA’s) youth marketing division is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to generate attention for their campaigns.

AIS created an interactive online petition utilizing Silverlight technology giving site visitors the opportunity to add their own unique messages to a heart that is then added as a leaf to an ever-growing tree.

The petition allows site visitors to easily share their hearts with friends and family via e-mail or social networking pages as well as randomly browse the tree and zoom in to individual hearts to check out the messages.

As a result, PETA has been able to capitalize on the traffic driven to by capturing the attention of site visitors with this unique petition and providing them with a fun and fulfilling experience.

The user-friendly nature of petition has encouraged site visitors to take advantage of the opportunity to share their participation with their friends, further increasing visits.

Thousands of people have already participated. Check out: and sign the petition to support animal rights and see the cool, innovation Heart Breaking tree powered by Silverlight 3 that you can share with family and friends!

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