PlayReady DRM coming to IIS Media Services


Microsoft announced last week that IIS Media Services will support a version of PlayReady DRM to enable protected HTTP streaming with IIS Smooth Streaming. You can read the blog posting here.

Microsoft is working on a version of PlayReady DRM directly within IIS Media Services to enable protected HTTP streaming – without the need for additional license fees or royalties.

File-based encryption is the most robust way to secure high value content – much more so than stream encryption, which only secures the communication stream. The PlayReady DRM IIS Media Services solution will bring full file-based encryption into IIS Media Services with the ease of use of traditional stream encryption.

For customers needing to apply PlayReady DRM protection to content for offline scenarios, or apply customized business rules to the use of protected content in purchase/rental/subscription scenarios, of course that functionality will remain available, as it is today, via the use of a PlayReady Server.

Additional information on IIS Media Services can be found at:

Get ready to PlayReady!

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