Profiling Silverlight in Visual Studio 2010

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Looking for an easy way to run performance profiling all your cool new Silverlight applications?  Did you know that Visual Studio 2010 has the tools – you just need to know how to find and start them ;-)

Check-out this blog post about the profiler capabilities in Visual Studio 2010 – sometimes you still have to drop to the command prompt to get what you need:


This command line window has predefined PATH that includes profiler command line tools:


Next, change to the directory where your Silverlight binaries are compiled:

>cd c:\Breakout\Breakout\Bin\Release

Start the profiling session with these commands:

>VSPerfClrEnv /sampleon
>"c:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" C:\Breakout\Breakout\Bin\Release\TestPage.html
>VSPerfCmd /start:sample /output:MyFile /attach:<PID of iexplore.exe process>
<Run your scenario>
>VSPerfCmd /detach
>VSPerfCmd /shutdown
>VSPerfClrEnv /off

See this post for all the details:

Happy Profiling!

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