Resizing Pictures Is Easy (and Free) on Windows 7


While most of us share pictures with friends and families using free photo sites such as Microsoft’s Live Photos, Google’s Picasa, Walmart’s Photo Center, Costco’s Photo Center, or your favorite photo site, there are times when we may want to resize the high resolution pictures to smaller sizes.

If you need a tool for that purpose on your Windows 7 computer, look no further. You can download this free, popular image resizing tool from codeplex, a Microsoft’s open source site, and get it up and running without no time.

The original tool was distributed for Windows XP by Microsoft. The new tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is created by Brice Lambson. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, plus the source code.


It works from within your Windows Explorer. All you have to do is navigate to your image folder, select one or many images, right click and select “Resize Pictures”.

The original images are kept intact (or overwritten if chosen so), and new images are named after the original images with an word in parenthesis such as “(small)”, “(medium)”, “(large)”, or “(WinCE)” for your cellphone.

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