Second IE9 Platform Preview Now Available


Today, Microsoft announced the release of the second IE9 Preview.  This release builds on the first Platform Preview from MIX10 and now contains:

  • More improvements to IE9’s performance and support for standards.
  • Additional tests submitted to the working groups at the W3C.
  • New developer samples the IE9 Test Drive site.
  • 10-12 new samples across performance, graphics and HTML5.

The goal of IE9 is to provide professional-grade, modern HTML5 support on top of modern hardware through Windows.

The IE9 Platform Preview and the samples at the test drive site show the significant performance gains that web pages enjoy when a browser takes full advantage of the PC’s hardware capabilities through the operating system.

Got the need for speed?

Developers interested in testing Internet Explorer 9 will be able to download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2 from

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