Silverlight 4 – How to Capture Audio and Video from a Web Cam


One of the coolest new features in Silverlight 4 is the ability to capture audio and video input from Web Cameras.  With a few simple lines of code, you can request permission to your users to leverage their capture devices and then capture both the audio and video streams. 

So far, there have been some great examples of how to capture the video and use it as a background “brush” to paint a screen in the browser to show what the camera sees along with a few samples for enabling “snapshot” images from the webcam.

But no one has actually taken it all the way to saving the captured video and audio streams locally (in isolated storage) to allow for a later file upload of the captured video segment – until now…

Check-out this post from Mike Taulty's Blog – where he shows you how to successfully save the streams to disk:

For the full run-down on all the cool new features in Silverlight 4 – check-out Tim Heuer’s great summary (with code samples) at:

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