Windows 7 + Surface + Interknowlogy == Healthcare Innovation


One of the most important and fastest growing forms of electronic medical records (EMR) today is image data created from a growing variety of radiology devices.

X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI, PET Scans, Ultrasound and others are producing an explosion of digital imagery in 2D, 3D and yes, recently even 4D. For example, if you have never heard of fMRI think of 3D time lapse photography for the brain; one that can show the flow of blood in the brain over time. Such images can be incredibly powerful medical tools--not only for diagnosis, but non-invasive screening, groundbreaking discovery, research, and especially collaboration.

Of course, the sheer size and complexity of such data create challenges up and down the technology stack including storage, searching, network transport, processing, and presentation. All of these challenges are relevant for collaboration over these images. But has this explosion in image data set off an explosion of information?

Recently, however, Interknowlogy has demonstrated what can happen if we address these challenges. Using both Microsoft Surface and Windows 7 multi-touch, this team has shown that completely interactive remote collaboration in real time with medical imagery is possible now. To see for yourself what is possible in this space you should check out this demo by Interknowlogy.

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