Windows Phone 7 Devices for Developers in July 2010

Brandon Watson, who is responsible for the Developer Experience team for Windows Phone 7, reports in his blog post that Windows Phone 7 devices may be available to some developers as early as July 2010.

During the Windows Phone session yesterday, Terry Myerson (he runs engineering for Windows Phone 7) stated that we will start putting phones into select developers’ hands next month. That’s exciting stuff. Obviously we’re starting with the developers who have invested in the Silverlight and .NET platforms, registered at Windows Phone Marketplace and have begun building apps with the Windows Phones Developer Tools . Specifics of the programs are TBD, but we are going to want to get phones into large ISV hands, small team hands…you name it. We’re definitely not going to carpet bomb phones; we want to get maximum leverage for our phone distribution to developers.

Click here to read his blog post in detail.


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