Your Own Little (Web) Slice of Heaven


Sure, she may not know the difference between a Snake bite and a Gigabyte, but even Dolly Parton knows how cool Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices really are…

One of the most-honored female country performers of all time, the ageless Dolly Parton is an international music icon.  In conjunction with today’s international release of Dolly’s new CD/DVD set, Live From London, Dolly has added a Silverlight-based IE8 web slice to her web site,

  • Be sure to check out the 3 tab web slice with the options of: 
    Video Diary – see Dolly’s latest thoughts on video, with the beauty of Silverlight.
  • News – see the latest news, fan club announcements, and Dollyisms (like "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”)
  • Buy Now – view the latest deal from Dolly’s online store, Trinkets & Treasures

Also, Dolly has created a YouTube video about IE8 web slices.  This is a must see!!  Her southern charm comes through with warm and light hearted comments about Microsoft, IE8, and web slices.

Check-out the web slice today, either from the Dolly page in the IE8 gallery or


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