Windows 8 shortcut keys

For the last couple of months I've been running with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my laptop.

Besides having to resist the urge to swipe the startup screen (which would be a nice feature even on a standard laptop) the biggest challenge has been to map my previous activities to the Metrofied interface.

However, the following shortcut keys makes that a lot easier:

Key combo:

Windows+X = list of direct shortcuts including CMD (both admin and non-admin), Windows Explorer, Search, Run, Control Panel and Network Connections

Windows+C = brings up the 'right swipe' settings panel

Windows+Q = list of Apps and search function

Windows+W = standard settings

Windows+R  = run box

Windows+T = running apps tiles

Windows+I  = more settings

Windows+P = projector settings (2nd screen, choose output type, etc).

Windows+L = lock session

Windows+K = 2nd screen output

Windows+H = Share

Windows+F = Files

Windows+D = Desktop

Windows+S = launch snipping tool (for OneNote)

Windows+M = Minimize window


Of these - Windows+X is by far the most useful one and you'll find yourself using it a lot if you're not on a Windows 8 touchpad.