AMQP 1.0 Specification Now Available

I am happy to report that today the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Working Group announced the availability of the AMQP 1.0 specification.

I am in New York attending the fourth annual AMQP business messaging conference and launch event for this important milestone, and Microsoft is thrilled to have been able to participate in the work to get the specification to this point.

As an open, interoperable, high-performance messaging protocol, AMQP opens up new possibilities in communications that span the client to the cloud, and will provide customers with increased choice.

AMQP has been developed over the years through the collective work of the 24 companies - and the many diverse communities they represent - that constitute the AMQP Working Group, including JP Morgan, VMware, Red Hat, Deutsche Borse Group, Microsoft, INETCO Systems, Goldman Sachs, and WS02.

These WG members are all committed to working together on open standards and represent a diverse range of communities, many of them Open Source. 

Microsoft has been a member of the AMQP WG since 2008 and we have actively contributed to the development and testing of the protocol.

We are also supportive of, and excited about, the transition of the AMQP work to OASIS, a consortium whose goal is to advance open standards, and the subsequent standardization of AMQP 1.0, which is an important first step towards wider adoption of the specification.

Microsoft supports thousands of standards in its products and we actively participate in more than 150 standards organizations and over 350 working groups worldwide. We will continue to participate actively in these standards bodies, contributing to the development of new open standards and the improvement of existing standards.

We recognize that no single company can address interoperability challenges on its own and that collaboration with customers, partners, open source communities and other vendors is of critical importance. This collaboration includes open communication on the interoperability challenges that customers are experiencing and the ways in which those challenges can be addressed.

Openness and interoperability are important to Microsoft, our customers, partners, and developers, and AMQP has the potential to improve interoperability between various vendor products, which is extremely important to our customers.


Ram Jeyaraman

Technical Diplomat: Microsoft's Interoperability Group