OData v4.0 approved as Committee Specification by the OASIS Open Data Protocol Technical Committee

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc is pleased to announce the approval and publication of OData Version 4.0 Committee Specification (CS) by the members of the OASIS Open Data Protocol (OData) Technical Committee. As we reported back in May, this brings OData 4.0 one step closer to becoming an OASIS Standard.

The Open Data Protocol (OData) uses REST-based data services to access and manipulate resources defined according to an Entity Data Model (EDM).

The Committee Specification is published in three parts; Part 1: Protocol defines the core semantics and facilities of the protocol. Part 2: URL Conventions defines a set of rules for constructing URLs to identify the data and metadata exposed by an OData service as well as a set of reserved URL query string operators. Part 3: Common Schema Definition Language (CSDL) defines an XML representation of the entity data model exposed by an OData service.

The CS also includes schemas, ABNF components, Vocabulary Components and the OData Metadata Service Entity Model.

You can also download a zip file of the complete package of each specification and related files here.

Join the OData Community

Here are some resources for those of you interested in using or implementing the OData protocol or contributing to the OData standard:

· Visit OData.org for information, content, videos, and documentation and to learn more about OData and the ecosystem of open data producer and consumer services.

· Join the OData.org mailing list.

· Check out the #OData discussion on twitter.

· Join the OASIS OData technical committee (OData TC) and contribute to the standard.

· Send comments on OData version 4.0 to the OASIS OData Technical Committee

Our congratulations to the OASIS OData Technical Committee on achieving this milestone! As always, we’re looking forward to continued collaboration with the community to develop OData into a formal standard through OASIS.