W3Conf: Get up to Speed on the Modern Open Web Platform

Are you a Web developer, designer or just interested in the space? Well, if you are, you really don’t want to miss W3Conf.

W3Conf is the W3C's first ever 2-day conference for developers and designers, and is uniquely focused on cutting edge technologies that work today across browsers.

It is being held in Redmond, Washington November 15-16 2011 and it’s packed with top-notch presentations by leading experts in the Web industry on HTML5, CSS3, graphics, accessibility, multimedia, APIs and more.

I’m participating in the “Browsers and Standards: Where the Rubber Hits the Road” panel discussion, along with Tantek Çelik from Mozilla, Google’s Chris Wilson and Divya Manian from Opera.

Microsoft is proud to be the host sponsor of the event, joined by AT&T, Adobe, and Nokia.

There are several ways to experience this conference: you can register to attend in person; videos of the presentations (with English captioning) will be streamed live over the Web; and recordings will be archived and made freely available for future reference. Note that the Early Bird registration conference and hotel discount expires on October 31. 

You can find all the details on the schedule, speakers, and the technologies themselves on the conference web site, which demonstrates the features enabled in modern browsers and authoring tools to make attractive, interactive, and accessible websites using emerging standards from W3C and other bodies. In other words, the site itself “eats the open web dog food.”

Along with my colleagues on the Interoperability Team, I believe this will be a great event, and encourage you to attend virtually or in person.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Paul Cotton

Co-Chair: HTML Working Group