Windows Azure SDK for PHP available, including support for Service Bus

Good news for all you PHP developers out there: I am happy to share with you the availability of Windows Azure SDK for PHP, which provides PHP-based access to the functionality exposed via the REST API in Windows Azure Service Bus. The SDK is available as open source and you can download it here.

This is an early step as we continue to make Windows Azure a great cloud platform for many languages, including .NET, Java, and PHP. If you’re using Windows Azure Service Bus from PHP, please let us know your feedback on how this SDK is working for you and how we can improve them. Your feedback is very important to us!

You may refer to Windows Azure PHP Developer Center for related information.

Openness and interoperability are important to Microsoft, our customers, partners, and developers. We believe this SDK will enable PHP applications to more easily connect to Windows Azure making it easier for applications written on any platform to interoperate with one another through Windows Azure.

Ram Jeyaraman
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.