App Compat - Windows 7 Partner Readiness Day – online event, May 7th 2009

Check out and the ISV track at for a chance to learn about Windows 7 – all sessions will be recorded for viewing after the event as well….

ISV & IHV Session Information






Brad Brooks & Rich Reynolds


Windows 7 Compatibility and Tools 

Mark Rogers


Meet the Windows 7 Logo Program

Jeff Price


New Possibilities With Software

Aseem Datar


New Possibilities With Hardware - Includes DS, Touch, Playto, Rally

Gary Schare

Windows 7 Compatibility and Tools

Speaker: Mark Rogers

Learn about the programs and tools to test your applications and device drivers to verify compatibility and ensure that your customers have a great experience with Windows 7

Meet the Windows 7 Logo Program

Speaker: Jeff Price

Get the inside scoop on the vision and plan for the Windows 7 Logo program. Learn about why customers care about it and what it means to you.

New Possibilities with Software

Speaker: Aseem Datar

Unlock new value with a collection of new features (Touch, New taskbar, and new extensible Ribbon) introduced in Windows 7 that improve how users discover and interact with applications.

New Possibilities with Hardware - Includes DS, Touch, Playto, Rally

Speaker: Gary Schare

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