BizSpark startups get access to the Metro portal : free Support and Training

This is a very significant development in the BizSpark program!

Metro is a program we’ve been running for a couple of yearss which provides access to training and a broad range of pre-release support for projects based on Microsoft’s newest technologies, and now all BizSpark startups have access to the resources available in the program, giving you access to training / resources / support on techs like .NET 4.0, Azure, Windows 7, WPF, Silverlight 3 and more.

Join Metro by logging into your account from the BizSpark Welcome Page on the BizSpark Portal— look for the Metro banner on the bottom of the page:


This is a one-click process from the BizSpark portal once you’re logged in.

Read the Metro user guide when you log in to find out how to profile a project you’re working on so that you can filter on content that’s relevant to you.

Any questions, contact me.

Cross posted from Ronan's blog