Catch Up on PDC Videos with MSDN & Channel 9

Channel 9 I’ve been spending quite a bit of time over the last few days trying to catch up on Microsoft PDC videos, especially all the Silverlight 4 announcements.

Channel9 has done a great job of connecting with a lot of the PDC speakers and posting short interviews and in-depth conversations about their topics.  You can find things like Joe Stegman (Silverlight Program Manager Director) talking about Out of Browser Silverlight applications, an overview of Rx (Reactive Extension) Applications, new SharePoint Features, and lots more.

Something else that’s on Channel 9 that you might not be aware of is the courses section here:   There are now up-to-date courses on Silverlight 4, Visual Studio 2010 (beta 2), SharePoint 2010, the Identity Framework, Windows 7, Azure, and everything in between.  The training courses tell you what prerequisites you need and then give you bite-sized chunks of videos and hands-on labs to learn about different features.

Channel 9 Silverlight 4 Training Course

So check out the free training courses and get up-to-speed with all the new announcements and developments released last week at Microsoft PDC!

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