Embedded Development Tour Coming to Dublin

Pssst. Are you a student or academic?  Like robots?  Interested in learning how to build the embedded systems and robots of the future? Then why not attend the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour which is coming to Ireland on Friday, November 28th at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Aungier Street campus).


The agenda looks pretty great – check this out:



Welcome & Introduction

Liam Cronin



Opening Keynote: Windows-Based Connected Devices in the Real World

Catherine Heller

NUI Maynooth Embedded Development Imagine Cup team



Microsoft’s Commitment to Academia

Liam Cronin



Coffee Break



“Small is Beautiful” Building Solutions with the .NET Micro Framework

Pierre Cauchois



Short Break



The Ongoing Democratization of Robotics Development

Martin Calsyn

Brian Mc Namee DIT




Liam Cronin



Lunch & Showcase Expo


Abstracts of the talks are as follows:

Session 1: Windows-Based Connected Devices in the Real World
Windows-based operating system technology is being deployed in the broadest and most demanding of environments, and is at the forefront of providing a solid foundation for the next generation of connected embedded and robotic devices. Microsoft Windows Embedded and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio products are designed to help you build highly customized and flexible device designs with easy-to-use development tools. This introductory session will give you a high-level overview of Microsoft’s Connected Devices and Robotics strategies and the role each plays in the embedded market space with real-life examples.

Session 2: Microsoft’s Commitment to Academia

Microsoft works in partnership to advance the cause of education around the globe helping students achieve their dreams, empowering educators to inspire, and supporting academic institutions striving for academic and research excellence. In this session you’ll discover just some of the resources available for students and faculty interested in taking the next step with Embedded and Robotics development.

Session 3: "Small is Beautiful" Building Solutions with the .NET Micro Framework  
The .NET Micro Framework lets you develop for tiny, inexpensive, and tightly resource-constrained devices, requiring only a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and a low cost processor. In this demo packed session you’ll learn how easy it is to create and debug embedded applications, build custom emulators and deploy solutions to a variety of devices, using the Visual Studio development tools, the .NET object model, and C#. See working solutions and learn tips, tricks, and traps based on real-world, hands-on experience building embedded solutions with the .NET Micro Framework.

Session 4: The Ongoing Democratisation of Robotics Development
Have you seen Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 (MSRDS) in action? In this demonstration-rich session you’ll be presented with MSRDS concepts before diving into the runtime modules: DSS (Decentralized Software Services) and CCR (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime). You’ll also see which tools can be used and how: Visual Programming Language, Visual Simulation Environment, and Visual Studio. To show you just how easily you can build a robotics application, you’ll see real robots in action and discover how you can run Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio on a range of Windows based devices.

So whether you’re a seasoned embedded or robotics developer or a total newbie, sign up today for the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour to learn how to build the next generation embedded systems and robots.

Registration is open here: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032394842&Culture=en-IE

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