Jesse Liberty Visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland

We’ve had such amazing visiting speakers lately, and joining us shortly is Jesse Liberty, self-confirmed Silverlight Geek.

Jesse is visiting Dublin, Belfast and Cork to talk about Silverlight development, and as Jesse has created a lot of the training content on, you won’t get a more seasoned Silverlight expert!

image of Jesse Liberty

Jesse works for Scott Guthrie, another recent visitor to Ireland, and he is a senior program manager at Microsoft responsible for creating tutorials, videos, web casts, and lots of other content to help developers learn and understand Silverlight and how to build great Silverlight applications.

You can catch Jesse at the following spots – be sure to register by following the links below:

DUBLIN – Wednesday, April 21st at 19:30
BELFAST – Thursday, April 22nd at 19:30
CORK – Friday, April 23rd at 16:00

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