New Dynamics CRM curriculum on InnovateOn

Interest in Dynamics CRM from our partners has been incredible, but one thing that has come up in the past is that outside of the Microsoft official curriculum material there was no clear guide to learning CRM for ISVs.

I'm happy to announce that the InnovateOn portal now includes an updated curriculum consisting of freely accessible content, which is listed in a very structured format.

What this means is that a new ISV can start at the top of the list with items such as what is Dynamics CRM and then move through architectural sections and on into developing for the platform and finally how to certify your solution and apply to become a partner. Over 300 unique pieces of Dynamics CRM learning collateral were reviewed and then finally reduced to just over 100 items representing a tightly focused guide or curriculum for learning Dynamics CRM (click the CRM section on the LHS).


While you're checking out the content, check out the benefits of InnovateOn and profile your solution - once enrolled, you will have the opportunity to create a customized benefit plan based on the technologies you plan to use.

If you've any feedback, let me know!

Cross posted from Ronan's blog