Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

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With the launch of SQL Server 2008, a new SQL Server 2008 Web Edition SKU is being launched in SPLA and other Volume Licensing programs (Open/Select/EA)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition is specifically designed for highly available Internet facing web serving environments for the next generation Windows Server 2008. With more robust capabilities than previous versions of SQL Server, SQL Server 2008 Web Edition provides what you need to help support low cost, large scale highly available web applications or hosting solutions to your customers.

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition helps hosting companies provide low cost highly scalable hosting for developers, SMBs, and consumers, all with a low monthly licensing price, four CPU support, and no limits on memory and database size for increased scalability. SQL Server 2008 Web Edition also supports the new improved SQL Server Driver for PHP, enabling reliable, scalable integration with SQL Server for PHP applications deployed on the Windows platform.

Unlike the previous offering of SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 Web Edition has greater technical capabilities such as automating security policy enforcement and supporting new integration features in the .NET Framework.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition Customer Benefits

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition is designed to provide the following benefits to customers:

High Scalability and Availability

• No limits on memory

• No limits on database size

• Support for four CPUs

• Log shipping increases database availability by automatically backing up, copying, and restoring transaction logs on standby servers

Easy and Cost Effective Manageability

• Faster customer deployment with database publishing tool. (New!)

As part of the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit, the Database Publishing Wizard allows customers to easily deploy databases from their development computers into a hosted environment.

• Reduced administration time with Policy-Based Management and performance data collection tools. (New!)

Policy-Based Management allows administrators to define one set of configuration policies and apply them across SQL Server databases, enabling them to more efficiently manage their databases and SQL Server instances. Performance Studio gathers performance data across servers into one centralized dashboard.

Powerful Programmability

• Powerful application development support with .NET integration and improved driver for PHP applications. The direct support of the new Language Integrated Query (LINQ) extensions in the .NET Framework helps developers be more productive and revolutionizes how developers query data.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

• Low price reduces IT spending and increases profit margin for hosting.

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition optimized specifically for Internet facing web serving environments and built on industry standards allowing organizations to easily build new, or integrate into existing, web application environments. With close integration with .NET Framework, web developers can rapidly build web applications and services. This level of cost effective application development encourages business productivity and increases business solution opportunities.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition Availability

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition will only be available in two Microsoft licensing channels: Select licensing program and Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).

Client access licenses (CALs) are not applicable to SQL Server 2008 Web Edition.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition Usage

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition provides a highly efficient data platform for deploying and hosting Internet-accessible Web pages, Web sites, Web applications, and Web Services.

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition is designed and optimized specifically for dedicated or shared hosting Web serving needs. SQL Server 2008 Web Edition may be used only to support public and Internet accessible Web

· pages,

· sites,

· applications, and

· services

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition may not be used to support line of business applications (e.g. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management and other similar applications).

Therefore, if additional capabilities are needed, you should consider using one of the following editions of SQL Server 2008:

• SQL Server 2008, Standard

• SQL Server 2008, Enterprise

All the product features in SQL Server 2008 Web Edition are also included in the above members of the SQL Server 2008 family.

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