It’s Alive!

Hi Folks,

Many years ago I kicked up this blog. It started with a trickle of general posts on SQL Server programmability topics. As our spatial support took off, it was quickly consumed by spatial-related posts.

And then it languished…

…and now its back. Let me quickly explain via a quick Q&A with myself:

Where did you go?

Through the 2008 release, I was the program manager for spatial. I led spatial projects, thought spatial thoughts, and dreamt spatial… well only occasionally. In any case, as we ramped up the next release, I started working on what we now call “contained databases”. Since these weren’t public yet, I couldn’t say too much to say about them. And since I wasn’t involved so much in spatial, I didn’t have so much to say there, either.

Why are you back?

After spending six years in the SQL Server engine, I’ve taken a new job. I am now a program manager with StreamInsight. And with this new adventure comes a renewed vigor on the blogging front.

What is this blog about now?

Since most of what I’m working on is centered around StreamInsight, StreamInsight would be a good guess. I’ll probably have a thing or two to say about contained databases as well. And heck, I may even do some spatial.

Stick around and we’ll find out.