RC0 is Out: Spatial Notes

Hi Folks,

As we continue to shut down SQL Server 2008, our first release candidate has been released.  In addition, the RC0 of the Feature Pack, which includes the System CLR Types package, is available here.  This package includes the spatial functionality and can be installed on clients to provide the spatial types even if SQL Server is not installed.

Here's what's most relevant from a spatial perspective:

  • The latitude-longitude swap has happened.  See here and here for more details, as well as section 2.7 of the release notes.
  • The builder API has been released.
  • Due to the lat-long swap, as well as several bug fixes, we're taking a relatively cautious stance on persisted data computed from spatial objects.  As such, we are disabling various constraints and indexes reliant on spatial data.  The full details can be found in the section 2.8 of the RC0 release notes.

As a reminder, the map viewer is not available in this build.  We have to reserve something to tease you with for RTM.