SQL Server Spatial on the Web

Hi Folks,

Now that our initial spatial support has shipped, there has undestandably been an uptick in discission on the web.  It seemed time for a bit of a link post.

Besides this blog, the forum I'm most involved in is the Kamai Spatial forum on MSDN, and traffic there is certainly up.  There are even some posts that don't have to do with lat/long coordinate ordering. :) 

There's also the official SQL Server Spatial site, which has links to these forums, high-level whitepapers, and the November CTP itself.

The community discussion on other blogs has also picked up considerably.  Here are some of the spots I've seen discusson of SQL Server Spatial.  Please let me know if your favorite site isn't represented.

In no particular order:

Bill Dolans has a series of posts over at GeoMusings, including the code for a data provider for SharpMap and a two-part [part 1 | part 2] discussion of how we handle heterogeneous SRIDs in columns.

Simon Greener has created a whole new blog over at SpatialDB Advisor to discuss SQL Server Spatial in which he has already posted a number of good pointers.

I just saw that Channel 9 has posted part one of a three-part video series with SQL Server MVP Wee Hyong focusing on our new spatial support.

James Fee has posted a number of posts about SQL Server Spatial over on his blog

Finally, our friends over at Virtual Earth seem to be following us quite closely.