Upcoming Conferences

Hi Folks,

I'd like to let everyone know about a few conferences that I'll be at in the near future.  First up is PDC in Los Angeles at the end of October.  After that is the PASS Community Summit in beautiful Seattle middle of November.  (At a full 5 miles door-to-door, I can't beat the travel for this one.  I also don't get frequent flier miles...)

At both of these conferences, I'll be giving a 400-level talk about spatial---I'm definitely going to assume some familiarity with the subject.  I'll look at some of the more interesting issues that have been discussed here and on the spatial forum, as well as some of those that haven't quite made it there yet.  I guarantee that I'll tell you something you didn't know before.  (Terms and conditions may apply.)

Finally, I'll be giving a joint presentation with Orest Halustchak at Autodesk University in Las Vegas at the beginning of December.  I'll give an introduction to the spatial support we've introduced, and Orest will talk about how Autodesk is making use of it.

If you're at any of these events, please feel free to look me up.  (And please do come to my talks!)