Forefront TMG in Common Criteria Evaluation

The Forefront TMG team is pleased to announce that our product has formally entered evaluation for Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+ certification, with TÜViT as the Common Criteria Testing Laboratory. EAL 4+ is the highest assurance level currently applied to products with a firewall component in the Common Criteria schema. The evaluation is being conducted by the German Federal office for Information Security (BSI).

The BSI’s certification is recognized by all countries that accept the Common Criteria, including the USA, the UK, France, Japan and more than 20 other countries. Products in the process of evaluation by the BSI are listed at The Certification-ID assigned to Forefront TMG is BSI-DSZ-CC-0670.

The BSI has initially approved the “Security Target” (the scope and content of the certification) for Forefront TMG, and has begun the certification process. For customers interested in purchasing a certified firewall product, this is a significant indication that Forefront TMG is on track to receive EAL 4+ certification.

For a brief description of the Common Criteria certification, see For the official Common Criteria portal, click here.

Authors : Nady Gorodetsky, Program Manager, Forefront TMG

David Strausberg, Technical Writer, Forefront TMG

Reviewer :
Wolfgang Peter, Director Evaluation Body for IT Security at TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH