ISA/TMG Server Build Numbers

(last update 29/11/2013 by Philipp Sand)

Did you ever wonder how to find out which Hotfix/Service Pack Level your ISA/TMG Server is currently running on?

In ISA Server 2004/2006 or TMG simply open an MMC on the ISA/TMG Server and Open Help -> About Microsoft ISA/TMG Server. Here you'll see the Version Number of your ISA/TMG Server (screenshot shows ISA 2006 SP1).


Another way to check out the Version number is to open the ISA/TMG installation directory and right-click the wspsrv.exe, which is the firewall service executable file. Select Properties and the Version Tab.


The following list shows the version number with the Hotfix/Service Pack level of your ISA Server:

ISA Server 2000 (SE and EE)

RTM                      3.0.1200.50

SP1                       3.0.1200.166

FP1                       3.0.1200.235

SP2                      3.0.1200.365

Latest HotFix (not accumulated) 1200.443

ISA Server 2004 SE

BETA                     4.0.2161.153

RTM                      4.0.2161.50

SP1                      4.0.2163.213

SP2                       4.0.2165.594

SP3                       4.0.2167.887

Latest hotfix package  2167.910

ISA 2004 EE

BETA                     4.0.3437.63

RTM                      4.0.3439.50

SP2                       4.0.3443.594

SP3                       4.0.3445.887

Latest hotfix package  3445.910

ISA Server 2006 EE/SE

RTM                      5.0.5720.100

Supportability        5.0.5721.240

SP1                      5.0.5723.493

latest hotfix package 5.0.5723.526 (September 2011)

TMG Medium Business Edition

RTM with MS09-16         6.0.6417.153

latest hotfix package     6.0.6417.154

TMG Server 2010        

RC                        7.0.7733.100

RTM                      7.0.7734.100

SP1                       7.0.8108.200

SP1 Up1                7.0.9027.400

SP1 Up 1 RU1      7.0.9027.410

SP1 Up 1 RU2      7.0.9027.425

SP1 Up 1 RU3      7.0.9027.441

SP1 Up 1 RU4      7.0.9027.450

SP2                       7.0.9193.500

TMG SP2 requires SP1 Update 1, Download SP2 here:

SP2 RU1              7.0.9193.515

SP2 RU2              7.0.9193.540

SP2 RU3              7.0.9193.575

SP2 RU4              7.0.9193.601

SP2 RU5              7.0.9193.644

Download: Rollup 5 for Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Service Pack 2


* Hotfixes on ISA Server 2004

  • All Hotfixes included in ISA 2004 SP1 are also included in ISA Server 2004 EE RTM.
  • All Hotfixes after ISA 2004 SP1 and ISA 2004 EE are shipped separately for both SKUs if the fix addresses issues existing in both products.
  • There will be only one KB and it will mention both the SE and the EE fix in the reolution section.
    (Example: 894483 - Users receive an "Error Code 502: Proxy error. The parameter is incorrect. (87)" error when they visit certain URLs after you configure HTTP content filtering based on signatures or extensions in ISA Server 2004)

Please also note that all ISA Hotfixes and Service Packs are cummulative. E.g. this means that if you have found a KB article describing an issue which was fixed prior to the release of SP1 for ISA Server 2006 and you have already applied SP1 then your ISA Server has the fix already installed and there is no need to install the fix again.


Philipp Sand

Support Escalation Engineer - Forefront Edge