New in SP2: Site Activity Report

Have you ever been interested in which users visit specific sites on the Internet very often? E.g. which users did browse most on last week? In SP2 we added a new report, which allows analyzing the usage of specific sites connected to users in your organization, with a few mouse clicks.

In order to create the report you have to open the TMG MMC / Logs & Reports:


On the right hand side you can select “Create Site Activity Report”.

In the Wizard you can configure how many sites will be reported per user and how many users will be included in the report:


Be aware that in the default setting the Site Name parameter is OVERWRITE. You have to enter the parameter of your choice here. In this example I used, you can also use parameters like .com to see all requests to “.com sites” or narrow down to if you like to see only request to

Here’s how a report can look like:


Be aware that you’ll only see the user name, if you’re using proxy authentication in your environment and if you’re logging the user name. If no proxy authentication is enabled, or specific rules don’t require proxy authentication, you will also see the “anonymous” user in the report.

Philipp Sand
Microsoft CSS Forefront Security Edge Team

Technical Reviewer
Roman Golubchyck
Senior SDET TMG Product Group