Jeremy Rule

Jeremy Rule fills the "CTO" role for the ISV Practice at Microsoft. He previously worked with ISVs on services sales, technical consulting, and managing engagements. Jeremy has 12 years experience working in the software industry in either software engineering or developer consulting. Jeremy emcees a bi-weekly Tech Talk on hot new programming topics and manages the developer consultants at Microsoft who work with our ISV partners.

Cliff Green


Alok Srivastava

As a solutions architect, Alok brings his passion for software architectures, large scale systems and distributed computing to his work with customers and partners. He has worked in software industry for upwards of 17 years during which he has filed for a dozen patents, published several papers and presented his ideas at several conferences. Alok has worked on large scale projects such as replication system monitoring and management, database extensibility, multimedia and content management in RDBMS, Web services, Portal technologies and content distribution networks. Alok has worked as an advisor with a large number of customers of all sizes. He has worked with the largest automotive company with their partner network at the same time helped a startup established development team, process and helped them get funding. Alok brings in his years of experience and passion for software systems to all his engagements and strives to achieve the best results in all his projects.