Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud - Azure Pack Simplified: Prepping OS Image Disks for VM Gallery Items (Part 19)

As you begin preparing your network environment for server migrations to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure, there's value in examining your existing server operating system images to make sure that you can use them consistently across your new Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. Earlier this week, Blain and I discussed the ability to leverage existing virtual hard disk OS images using Azure Pack in an on-premises private cloud and also on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. 

In today's article in our Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud series, Yung Chou gives us the details on preparing operating system images for use as VM Gallery Items with Azure Pack in an on-premises Private Cloud.  Later this week, Blain will be back to help up prepare existing virtual hard disk images for use with Microsoft Azure as well.

From Yung's article: "To publish a gallery item in Windows Azure Pack (WAP), the associated OS image disks, i.e. vhd files, must be set according to what's in the readme file of a gallery resource package. For those who are not familiar with the operations, this can be a frustrating learning experience before finally getting it right. This blog post is to address this concern by presenting a routine with a sample PowerShell script to facilitate the process ... "

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