Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud - Planning Hybrid Cloud Virtualization (Part 17)

In today's episode of our Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud series, Blain Barton and I kick-off Virtualization Week with a discussion on Compute Virtualization in the Hybrid Cloud.  Join us as we discuss how virtualization is no longer constrained to the physical capacity of an on-premises environment. We'll also showcase tools and techniques that are available in Microsoft Azure, Azure Pack and System Center 2012 R2 that can help you with your move to Hybrid Cloud virtualization.

Planning Hybrid Cloud Virtualization

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  • [01:26] What do you see as some of the differences or new opportunities that IT Pros need to consider when planning virtualization for a Hybrid Cloud environment?
  • [03:31] How do traditional IT Pro virtualization skills translate into Hybrid Cloud?
  • [05:05] When planning Hybrid Cloud virtualization, how should IT Pros approach it?
  • [08:01] You mentioned Azure Pack – what is that?
  • [10:51] If I already have an existing Hyper-V environment with custom VM templates defined, can I leverage them with Azure Pack?
  • [11:03] DEMO: Let’s see some of this in action