Welcome to the new Official Microsoft for IT Professional Blog Downunder.

What is this blog all about? Its all about how we at Microsoft can communicate with you a lot faster with the latest information. We will be posting the latest information, not just technical but information that maybe of relevance to you such as training, events, webcasts, usergroups etc. We have some exciting new things coming out into the space of IT Professional in Australia and NZ such as the Security Summit 2006, A new and improved TechNet website, the launch of the new TechNet subscription program, Showtime and much more.

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Who are my IT Pro contacts at Microsoft?
Deeps De Silva and Ben English manage the IT Professional program at Microsoft Australia.  Jeff Alexander, Michael Kleef and Nathan Mercer are your IT Pro Evangelists. Jeff is based in Sydney, Michael is from Perth and Nathan is across the Tasman in New Zealand based in Wellington.