TestApi v.0.2 Released!

I am excited to announce that we have just released the second preliminary version of TestApi – the testing API library – on http://codeplex.com/testapi!

The v.0.2 package includes the following additions and modifications:

  • Improved command-line parsing APIs
  • Improved visual verification APIs
    • A new tolerance map visual verifier in SnapshotToleranceMapVerifier
    • New operations on snapshot (And and Or) allowing you to mask
    • A new Snapshot.FromWindow(...) constructor with ability to include and exclude the window chrome in snapshots.
    • Improved visual verification internals
  • New application control APIs, enabling in-proc and out-of-proc automation of client applications
  • Expanded conceptual documentation
  • CHM API documents (in addition to the HTML documents)
  • Addition of NUnit and xUnit usage samples (for all of the non-VS crowd out there)

Check out the package and let us know of any feedback.