TestApi v0.3 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have just released the third preliminary version of TestApi -- the testing API library. This version introduces some fairly significant changes and new features:

  • New name spaces (under Microsoft.Test) and new binary names;
  • New source code organization;
  • A fairly comprehensive acceptance tests suite (using xUnit);
  • Fault Injection APIs for managed code (using CLR profiler technology);
  • Combinatorial Variation Generation API (using the PICT algorithm);
  • A redesigned Application Control API;
  • Updates to the Visual Verification API;
  • Updated samples and documentation; new conceptual documents;

We will be blogging in detail about some of the features in v0.3 in the coming weeks.

TestApi is a policy-free API library, delivering Microsoft testing technology in an easy to use package. It can be used from within any tool (VSTS, NUnit, xUnit, etc.) or environment to automate the testing for desktop and in-browse applications on Windows.

TestApi v0.3 is available on http://testapi.codeplex.com. Thanks for all your feedback. Keep it coming! :)