TestApi v0.4 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have just released version 0.4 of TestApi – the testing API library - on Codeplex.

Version 0.4 contains the following additions and modifications:

  • An improved Combinatorial Variation Generation API with added support for parameter value weights and tags (for “negative” variations);
  • A new Memory Leak Detection API allowing capture, comparison and serialization / de-serialization of memory snapshots of a running process;
  • A new Object Comparison API allowing comparison of arbitrary .NET objects, using arbitrary object comparison strategies;
  • A new Text String Generation API, allowing generation of random strings, for testing purposes;
  • Various documentation and sample improvements.

We will be blogging about some of these API in the near future. As always, TestApi is available on http://codeplex.com/testapi.