TestApi v0.6 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have just released version 0.6 of TestApi – the API library for testing – on Codeplex. Version 0.6 contains the following additions and modifications:

  • Starting with this release, we are moving all of the development of the library to Codeplex. We have also moved the solution to VS 2010;
  • Jared Moore made several important modifications to our Fault Injection API, including but not limited to support for in-process fault injection, support for MethodInfo-based method identification, various performance improvements and bug fixes. In addition, we are releasing the complete source code of the unmanaged FaultInjectionEngine.dll, which now builds cleanly at warning level 4;
  • Dennis Deng extended the Input Simulation API with support for injection of non-ASCII strings in Keyboard.Type(…). We have also added support for Mouse.DragTo(…);
  • We have added support for 64-bit in our Leak Detection API;
  • Andrey Arkharov extended the Object Comparison API with support for encoding and decoding object graphs from arbitrary streams, annotating object graph nodes with custom comparison strategies and type-specific object graph factories, together with several additional tests;
  • We extended our String Generation API with support for string generation from regular expressions. We have also added a CommonRegularExpressions class, to speed up test development;
  • We have added lots of additional tests, and have refactored the existing tests into namespaces for better discoverability.
  • Last, but not least we have made some important API documentation improvements – the API documentation now sports namespace docs.

Check out the TestApi v0.6 release notes for a more detailed version of the above. Then let us know what you think and vote for features.