WPF Application Quality Guide v0.5 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have released CTP 5 of the “WPF Application Quality Guide” – our single-stop document for WPF application and component developers and testers.

CTP 5 comes with the following new and updated content:

  • New content:
    • “Considerations for WPF Browser Applications”
    • “Integration and Scenario Testing”
    • “XAML Editing Tools and Visual Studio Add-ins”
    • “Building a WPF Application Test Suite by Using VSTS, NUnit, or xUnit”
  • Updated content:
    • Reading roadmap
    • “Performance and Scalability Testing”
    • “TestApi”
    • “Debugging Tools”
    • “Performance Profiling Tools”
    • “WPF Application Design and Development Tools”

The Guide is available here and here as a DOC file. Big kudos to Anne Gao on our team, who has been PM-ing all releases of the guide to date.


Those of you who have been following the Guide have seen it evolve from its first CTP (link) of 20 or so pages to its present size of more than 80 pages.

Any 80-page document is tricky to grok, so we have been thinking of reorganizing the content and potentially splitting the content into two documents – one on client application development and testing fundamentals and one on WPF specifics. We prefer to do any edits based on user feedback, so please let us know of the current organization and content of the document and share your ideas on how we could improve both.