WPF Control Verifier v0.1 Released!

Our strategy to improve WPF and .NET application quality has 3 major pillars:

  1. Provide guidance on how to create high-quality applications;
  2. Provide reusable API libraries for automated application testing and monitoring;
  3. Provide tools to help create and debug applications and components.

To address (1), we have released several versions of the WPF Application Quality Guide, the initial version of the WPF Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit (available for download here), the WPF Performance Guide documents on MSDN, and others. To address (2), we are investing in TestApi – the test API library. For (3), we have released the WPF Performance Suite on MSDN.


I am excited to announce that we have another addition to the third group : the WPF Control Verifier v0.1 (available for download from here).

The WPF Control Verifier is a tool that verifies the correctness of WPF controls. This first version of the tool includes a set of default style tests that you can run on your WPF custom controls. The verifier was designed, implemented and tested by Vincent Sibal and Alexis Roosa – engineers on our Controls team. The tools has already proven extremely valuable in our internal testing of the standard WPF controls uncovering several important bugs that have been fixed, so do check it out. And of course send us your feedback, feature requests, etc.