Grassroots Innovation @ Microsoft

I will be blogging more on the subject of Innovation @ Microsoft as well as how our Technical Strategy Group supports innovation within (and external partnerships) Microsoft.

This post follows my previous article on the subject of the long standing Microsoft tradition called “ThinkWeek”. The program has evolved over the years, due in part, to scale out beyond Bill Gates as the primary audience.

Here is a brief (1:48 min.) video from Bill Gates on Thinkweek/Grassroots innovation.

From You Tube - “Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates discusses grassroots innovation at Microsoft and how "Think Week" has evolved over the years to become paperless, allowing employees to submit ideas online for review by the top 50 technical leaders in the company. Microsoft CEO Summit, Redmond, Wash. May 14, 2008.”

Here is a brief (1:28 min.) video from Ray Ozzie on Thinkweek “2.0”, posted on 6/5/09.

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