Is he getting on his Soapbox again?

Last year, I did a webcast when I was attending an SI (Solution/System Integrator) Architect conference in Paris. Ah, Paris in the spring, love the Champs-Elysees and the Aviation club in particular.

The webcast was done as part of an ISV webcast series. I blogged about this webcast previously but I received a number of questions about the need to “sign up” in order to watch the webcast, as well as the long delay (~4minutes) of wasted time in the beginning of the webcast (Setup and polling questions).  I have removed the beginning of the webcast and uploaded the edited webcast to the Soapbox server.  You no longer need to “sign up” to view the video.

Sorry about the interactive PowerPoint issue.  The recording software only shows the final built slide.  As a result, I have uploaded the PowerPoint slides.

ISV Insight into the CLR Add-In ModelISV Insight into the CLR Add-In Model

The webcast content was targeted at the WinFx Add-in model which were the core libraries of System.AddIn* that shipped in Whidbey, prior to the CLR BCL implementation now in Orcas.

I also talk a lot about the VSTA implementation of MAF. For FAQ’s on VSTA and the CLR Add-in implementations, check out these links; FAQ’s: WinFX Add-in model and Visual Studio Tools for Applications,  (VSTA) Add-In’s (CLR and VSTA).