more gifts.. sidebar gadgets for Office

this one went live last week,  the office team released their Tasks and Calendar sidebar gadget ...   been using these for a week..

they are sooo usefu tha:

  • yesterday I sent trip reports (had been in my task list for a month)... 
  • today I might do expense reports ...  Management, if you want stuff done, force your pawns to use it...   when it is in my face all the time, it bothers me so  I have to get to it :(
  • I can close outlook and know where I need to be ...  Yesterday I walked into bldg 10 looking for Tim cahill...  I did not have to wait 20 seconds for wireless to kick in and 30 seconds for outlook to open ... I just resumed from sleep and it was there ;)

I am running Office 2007 of course..  and yes, I have a wish list for them ( sound notifications 15 mins before a meeting, is way high) but still very useful stuff that shows why having information closer can boost productivity or lead to actionable, better informed decision making ..

Download them here:
Appointments -
Tasks -