Windows Store app development for iOS developers


On December 13 and 14th,  Microsoft and the Big Nerd Ranch team are having a two day training on building Windows Store apps. WindowsStore_tile_green_large_120x20

The event will be in Microsoft’s Mountain View (CA) campus.
To attend in person, register at
Both days will also be streamed live at

You can find a detailed agenda in the registration site.

My no-fluff description for the event follows:

  • The training is aimed at iOS developers who want to start building Windows Store apps.  
  • It starts from the beginning with intros to the programming languages, the platform and the tools. 
  • We will try to build a bridge from iOS concepts to Windows concepts so that you can reuse your existing iOS knowledge as much as possible.  
  • Event will focus on building apps with XAML/C#, but devs looking to build on apps with HTML or DirectX will also get a useful overview of the platform.   

If you are an iOS developer, we hope you can join us, it will be a beginning of a fun journey.. Bring your Mac Book (with enough space to install Windows using parallels or any other virtualization technology).  

To learn more about Windows Store app development, check out the resources for iOS developers page on the Windows Dev Center and check out Aaron’s Hillegass’ Build 2012 session: “Top 10 things iOS developers need to know about Windows Store apps”.

Happy Windows coding!