IT Management from the Desktop to the Datacenter

Enable Management from Desktop to Data Center

One of things we are currently talking to our customers and partners about is the concept of having end-to-end management of IT products and solutions from desktop all the way to the datacenter servers and all the infrastructure in between.

New products in System Center including Virtual Machine Manager, Operations Manager, Configuration Manager and Data Protection Manager all do their bit to make this vision a reality.  Customers want a holistic and unified approach to management and this is something that Microsoft is best placed to provide than any other vendor because of the knowledge we have into our own products. 

All aspects of your business require management.  Profit centers require management.  Sales staff and finance require management.  If they didn't have this in place then your business wouldn't be able to succeed.  It's the same principle when it comes to managing your IT.

Partners who deploy servers and desktops and other types of IT products should be aware of the System Center suite and when talking with customers about products like Server 2008 and Windows Vista have a conversation about how they plan to effectively plan, build, deploy and manage their investment.  Management should also be factored in and the tools we provide are fantastic.

For more information on the System Center suite make sure you check out the Microsoft Partner Portal on how to sell more effectively and also use the technology.