Microsoft: change the world or go home. How about we change the world.


About a year ago, my pal Steve Clayton (happy birthday buddy) unleashed a genius viral marketing ploy aimed at starting a conversation about Microsoft.  It was really a call to arms challenging the company to reinvent itself. To innovate.  To change the world.

Today we really did announce some stuff that will change the world, and it’s an amazingly exciting time to be at the company.  Here’s the stuff that we announced today at PDC 2008.

  • Windows 7 features
  • Office Web Applications
  • Office 14 features
  • Live Framework
  • Live Mesh Beta
  • Live Mesh Dev Platform
  • Live Mesh on the Mac
  • Live Mesh on Win Mobile
  • Visual Studio 2010 WPF
  • Visual Studio Editor extensibility
  • Windows Live ID and Open ID
  • And more…

I think we’ve finally answered the call of the Blue Monster.  We’re not going home, we’re going to change the world! Rock and Roll.