PDC 2008 in Stats

Countdown@PDC: Day 4 Recap

Mike Swanson, Jennifer Ritzinger and their teams did an absolutely amazing job on PDC 2008.  I’ve just been watching their closing thoughts on PDC and they gave out some interesting stats!

Running a conference like this is quite an operation as the guys will tell you!

Networking Operations Center

  • 7 rolling server racks
  • 71 HP Servers
  • 2 industrial strength cooling units
  • 14,000 ? air conditioning units
  • 13 VLans

Around the conference

  • 2,500 Labs Executed
  • 155mbit OC3 Circuit load balanced with 45mbit DS3 for bandwidth to the internet
  • 12 wireless arrays in the keynote hall to power the live blogging etc
  • 60,000 ft of network cable laid by the team
  • 1,000 PCs and monitors

To facilitate the overflow system

  • 15 1.5Gbit video streams from session rooms to control room with embedded audio
  • 22 GBit streaming in total


  • 111,000 Bananas munched (I had 25)
  • 603 LB of Butter eaten
  • 61,000 cans of soda pop
  • 11,000 yoghurts

And no major issues! Great guys job!

Next year?

  • More sessions
  • Office 14
  • Windows Mobile

Looking forward to it!