Microsoft Business Value Framework

(Taking a quick break from my Identity posts…)

I am currently out attending the Local and Regional Government Solutions Forum in Bilbao, which is turning into a great event.  One thing that has just been announced is the Microsoft Business Value Framework.  This is a three layer model that links technology solutions to the UK published government indicators.  It is there to show the business how investments in technology can improve the following business imperatives:

  • National Performance Indicators
  • Cost Savings
  • CO2 efficiencies

This two-step assessment tool helps you identify your current maturity level and provides a tailor-made report detailing the benefits that your organisation could expect from moving to the next maturity level.

business-value-frameworkA beta version has gone online here which the UK team will be tweaking over the coming months and there is a more comprehensive offline tool that is going to become available as well.

At the session in Bilbao we also had Jan Duffy the Research Director from Government Insights and Health Insights, IDC talk about the tool and they are going to release a paper assessing it.  Once I have a link I will post it up.

A great first day, and now on to dinner (the food in this region is so very very good!)