Spotlight APAC - CSP

Microsoft’s Spotlight Program was originally developed in Queensland Australia as a way of highlighting solutions that deliver real benefits to customers.  Now in in 7th iteration it is being extended to Asia Pacific countries and is focusing on CSP.

Spotlight APAC Microsoft Partners will work with a Government customer to understand their challenges and business problems, and from there develop a proof of concept on how they can address the issues the customer is facing.  There is then a selection of the best solutions, judged on innovation, simplicity, business impact and other criteria to bring together the best.

The final stage is development of those CSP solutions with the customers.  During the process Microsoft will provide some resources and support to help the solution development.  Once completed, the final solutions will be judged and a winner declared.

The web site with far more information is up and running here.  I am really looking forward to seeing what solutions are developed, and judging by previous Spotlight events the quality will be very high.