links you've been asking for

I’ve gotten enough requests for links to my interviews, lectures and pointless videos that I am finally tired of responding individually. Here are a few recent ones I have been pointing people to:

A video interview on Channel 9 about software testing

A video interview on Channel 9 about Visual Studio Team System

A radio interview on Dot Net Rocks with two funny guys (I had a blast with this one and it will be one reason I never run for political office in the future)

The Future of Testing webinar for uTest

No, “Piece of Crap” is not included. Sorry but it’s time we put that one to sleep. Lee Copeland is widely known to play it at his lectures so try and catch him on his speaking circuit if you just can’t resist. That video is another reason I can’t run for political office. Neil Young has my sincerest apologies.

Some internal links for my MS readers:

The Future of Testing

An Update on the Future

Online Security Testing Course (this is officially a classic since it is the last time I taught this material)

Sorry to post internal links that many of you can’t get to. But if you do manage to get to them, report the bug you exploited so I can include it in my future talks!