Flying to L.A. for PDC in less than a week...

Next Saturday I have
to get on the plane to fly to L.A. for PDC and I'm starting to feel the pressure
with less than a week to go. 


I have to fly down
early because of my PDC responsibilities. You see, in addition to my
"day job" I've been helping out with the PDC lab planning and
logistics. We already have over 120 labs turned in and more coming
from product teams next week. The logistics and work required to
track these labs, collect them from the product teams, figure out the
allocation of 600 machines, etc. - is just a logistical nightmare.
Thankfully one of my colleagues (Steven Woodward) is driving most of this and
doing an awesome job. We're also working with Corey Hynes and using a
cool application called LaunchPad to run labs. LaunchPad is an app Corey's
team devloped to provide a customized UI on top of Virtual Server to start
and manage the lab VPC images. Here's a video and demo of LaunchPad
on Channel9:


There are some very
cool labs that I hope to run during the week. Come by the lab
area and play with the bits you see in the sessions.