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For the last few months our evangelism team has been working on a sample application named   Basically, the sample focuses on the scenario of ordering food from various restaurants from an online marketplace.   While the scenario sounds simple, what is interesting is that we've used several Microsoft technologies to show the entire lifecycle of orders.   For example, the sample uses all of the .NET Framework 3.0 technologies (WPF, WCF, WF, & Windows CardSpace), PowerShell, MMC, SideBar gadgets, Linq, Virtual Earth, and more.  Matt Winkler has a more detailed list of the technologies were using in the scenario here.


Late last night we released all of the source code, documentation, and scripts for the sample application on CodePlex.   Thanks to David Aiken, all of the source code has been packaged up as a “ready-to-run” MSI with PowerShell scripts for building and configuring the various components of the application.  The MSI also includes a custom dependency checker.   The dependency checker will help you ensure that the correct components (.NET Framework 3.0, Linq, etc.) installed on your machine.      


How can you get DinnerNow?


We are in the process of building additional screencasts, quickstart tutorials, and several other resources to compliment the sample application.   We are also actively fixing bugs and enhancing the demo scenario.  If you have any feedback or suggestions about the DinnerNow sample, please either email DinnerNow Team, discuss the demo in the forums, or create a workitem in CodePlex for any bugs or issues you encounter.